Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) is the Solomon Islands chapter of Transparency International. Formed in 2003, TSI is a not-for-profit organisation committed to fighting corruption and promoting transparency, accountability and good governance in Solomon Islands. We focus on the public, private and civil sectors. TSI relies on funding from members and donor organisations both in Solomon Islands and worldwide to undertake its work. TSI words with everyone from children, schools and small community groups to national governments and international organisation and agencies. TSI words to reduce corruption at the grass roots level but is also a well respected authority on anti-corruption issues internationally.

Our Work

About Transparency International

Transparency International (TI) is the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption.

TI has over 90 national chapters worldwide with its Headquarter in Berlin. Through its global network of chapters, TI educates communities of the damaging effects of corruption and advocates for the implementation and enforcing of anti-corruption law and legislation. Each chapter, such as TSI, brings together relevant players from government, civil society, business and the media to promote transparency and accountability and reduce corruption in areas such as in elections, public administration, public finance, procurement and business.

Our Core Business

  • Raise public awareness of the nature, consequences and implications of corruption in the Solomon Islands public, private and civil sectors.
  • Engage in activities, projects and programs aimed at reducing corrupt activities and promote the principles of transparency, accountability and good governance.
  • Promote and monitor compliance with anti-corruption law, legislation codes of conduct in the public, private and civil societies.
  • Engage with accountability institutions, governance bodies, civil society and related organisations in Solomon Islands and throughout the world to further mutual aims.

Our Work

The work of TSI includes:
  • Advocating for strong and effective anti-corruption policy, law and legislation.
  • Advocating for the enforcement and appropriate prosecution of relevant law, legislation and procedure.
  • Promoting fair and transparent elections and election processes to reduce bribery and vote buying in the election process.
  • Engaging in public education regarding the principles of good governance and democracy.
  • Engaging in public education regarding the consequences of corruption on daily life.
  • Implementing projects and programs to reduce corruption within Solomon Islands.

ACT Against Corruption Today!


Corruption harms everyone. It robs the community of important goods and services. It creates distrust and instability.

Corruption is an obstacle to the country reaching its potential and offering a better future to all. We should refuse to accept corruption as part of our lives, refuse to elect corrupt leaders but demand appropriate punishment of anyone found to be engaging in official corruption and corrupt practices.

The government and public institutions should act in an honest, transparent and accountable manner and fight corruption.

Report Corruption

TSI helps ordinary citizens stand up agains corruption.

TSI's Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC) provides legal advice to people who have been affected by corruption.

Our lawyers can help victims make a complain to Solomon Islands' accountability institutions, refer matters to the appropriate authorities and in some instances ALAC will take on a case through to completion.

ALAC provides advice free of charge and guarantees confidentiality for its clients.

Support TSI

One way to pledge your support to reducing corruption in Solomon Islands is to become a member of TSI. As a not-for-profit organisation, TSI relies on the support of its members and donations from the community to continue its work to fight corruption and promote good governance. Membership is open to everyone and members have the opportunity to participate in the running of TSI by attending meetings, electing or joining the Board of Directors and assisting with the guidance of the organisation. Members are kept informed through a monthly 'Members Updates' and members ideas and suggestions are always welcomed,

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